A troubled man with a dark past catching up to him seeks to save a young boy from the drug deals, gang violence and  desolate streets of  his old neighborhood.


Meanwhile, the boy seeks to save his beautiful mother from her weakness of alcohol, drama and thugs.


If only it were that easy...

North of the Grove follows the fascinating journey of Howard Capelton, a black, educated, middle-class man living in Miami. The more than reluctant father to be and avid jogger seeks to stop running from his demons by mentoring David, a young boy struggling with his single mother among the proud and forgotten of historic West Grove, one of Miami's most forsaken communities.


Hobbs calls the novel experimental in that it tells the story through an epistolary style used in novels like The Color Purple, where the story is written through a series of letters. In North of the Grove, the novel gives the style a millennium feel by using facebook instant messages, texts and emails between the characters. Hobbs looks forward to reading passages at the book signing. “Although it’s not a long book, the style makes for an even faster read and you’ll feel as if you’re spying into people’s phones or computers.”












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Independent Feature Film from novel tells a story of a young black man struggling with life, fatherhood, mentoring, drugs, violence and gangs.

Reader speaks of the struggle for manhood and guidance in the novel,

"North of the Grove."

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